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"Social media marketing is perhaps the most powerful brand-building tool of all" -

Merna Throne has been building and managing websites, social media, and more since 1998. Social Media Management is more than the numbers, it is about building relationships. You want to build good relationships with your audience, while earning their trust and loyalty. This is Ms. Throne’s vision for your online presence.

** New artists in the Music Industry

** Authors

** New Websites for all companies

** Personal Websites

Ms. Throne works as a Social Media Manager and a self-confessed Psychology geek. She is a Psychology Professor in Undergraduate studies and loves touching the newest generations with her love of Psychology. Her Webmaster Managing clients receive just as much attention because of her Techy-geek side too. She enjoys assisting fresh, new artists in the music industry make a splash with their online presence while attending their Gigs to keep up with what their followers dig.

What you will receive:

  • Finding the best social media platforms for your brand
  • Build an engaging website to fit your needs
  • Daily check-in with website & social media sites
  • Building each social media page and all back-end work to have a professionally polished page for your growing networks. 
  • Assist you in creating an authentic, yet attractive Online Presence of your business and self.
  • So much more that we will fine-tune to fit your needs and get that snowball rolling to launch your work
  • Email us for your Set up fee and we will create a plan of management specialized for you!
    • Unique custom Social Media flyers for your use priced individually. I create digital art from your personal photos of performance and make them stand out!
    •    Samples Custom Social Media Flyers

"Merna has been amazing to work with, she set up all of my artist’s social media sites and build his website.  She helped us change everything when we changed his stage name, she has created mailing lists, and music players for the sites. Anything I have wanted to get done, she has figured out how to do it and do it well.  She is very professional and a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend her."

- Beth Bogdan, Music Manager for Thunderbear

"Assertive, disciplined, skilled, creative, Merna Throne is a driven coach who is passionate in helping others to overcome obstacles and unlock their inner potential. Working with Merna has sharpened me, not just as an artist, but as a human being."

- Thunderbear, Singer/Songwriter

"Merna was fantastic to work with. It was a pleasure to work together with Merna, who is a highly professional personal development coach. Customer-service oriented and a creative entrepreneur - that's Merna! I strongly endorse Merna."

Carrie Krishnek
Marketing Consultant at Down2Earth Marketing


"For anyone seeking inspiration, Pocket of and coaching is a must. Merna Throne is friendly, encouraging, super-smart, and knowledgeable in her craft. She is devoted to her clients, savvy, and passionate, enthusiastic, and passionate, and all these wonderful qualities are highly contagious!"

Dr. E’s Doll Museum - Biz Coach Client


"It has been a while since I've spoken to Merna, it has become very clear in my own mind through contrasting views and intuitive observations of many other advisers & coaches- Merna is a very heart felt woman who gives me the strong sense that she is with me as I get on my rants of personal dis- satisfaction... I get a strong sense she is a very caring and loving woman based on how she gets truly involved in some of my ongoing struggles I vent about... I'm glad I called Merna today so I could get close to that sense of being cared about by her...."


Computer Services

Will give you peace of mind!
Live Anywhere, I will remotely access your computer (safely) & do it for you!

I will Remote-access your computer with your permission to:

* Is your computer running slow & you do not know why? I will figure it out…

* I do Virus Removal

* Install/Uninstall programs

* Would you like to learn the internet & your computer?

* Want it easy & hassle free?

** I have been on computers & the internet since 1998. This is Internet and computer training, troubleshooting, installing, and consulting services. I will remotely teach you how to "surf" the Internet, show you how to send and receive eMail and how to use programs to browse the World Wide Web.

In addition, I will show you how to download pictures, video, graphics, music, text, and data. How to use Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint and more. I can also setup, upgrade or repair your computer or software and show you how to use it. Also, I can assist you from small networks to search engines. I can build you a web page or show you how to build it yourself. We can even help you with background checks, finding someone and Internet security.

(virus/spam/spyware/hackers) All this from the comforts of your home or business where I access your computer remotely (with your permission of course). My rates are reasonable too! References available upon request. Weekend and evening appointments available.

Note: Don't have the time or expertise to show your children the wonders of the Internet?

Don't worry, call today for more information and to set up an appointment with me!

Fill out a Service order below and I will get back to you in 24 hrs with a plan! Only $39 per hour (1 hour minimum)

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Merna Throne

"A purpose is the eternal condition of success"


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