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Do you Complain about being too Busy?

Posted by Merna Throne on Thursday, October 31, 2013 Under: Life Style


Busy-ness has been a common topic to discuss amongst people as well as my coaching clients and it often is a complaint to many others. Do you complain about being too busy in life? I know I have and mostly I simply THRIVE when I am, so you can only imagine what it was like for me to be so stifled physically keeping me stuck at home with my rotten joints and the snowball effect from that. Then surgery and recovery time! (4 new joints in one year)

Now, I am doing very well and have worked HARD at making myself stronger from my hips and down. Recovery is brutal and hard while you keep plugging away with strength. At first (for a couple months - knee replacements) when you get out of a chair you use 95% arms and then your knees feel like they are ‘ripping’ when you get up. (No joke here) They sever so much and you really start over from scratch as I like to say it. The ripping wasn’t that at all, but it sure felt that way and yes, it was very painful. I had to keep going because I wanted LIFE. So I plug away.

Lately, I am finding myself sooo busy and I am looooving it! However,“I” am responsible for controlling this boat called life. We simply cannot complain because it is often a life of our making and our choice of reactions to them. When something is out of our control, it is our choice of reactions, etc. Our busy-ness is in our control, so we are the ones who MUST budget our time. This means time for us and family too. I know sometimes I can simply stay real busy when something bad is happening and I have no control over it.

I kept my mind and hands BUSY with making about 12 Afghans in one year during all the down time from all the surgeries/recoveries. And now, we have a family health issue where I am far away to help. I will be honest and wonder if my busy-ness is from keeping myself from sitting and thinking about it. (We are keeping it private for now, yes it is serious). However, it is the first time in YEARS I am so free and yup, pushing myself too far some days. :) I was always the one they had to rein in with physical therapy. I go balls to the wall or not at all. This isn't the best to have sometimes, but I try to keep myself in check. What is the level of your motivation?

So what is the moral of this story??? Take your own temperature when you talk about being so busy.

1. Why is it bad when you love all you are doing?

2. Are you avoiding something?

3. What are you avoiding and how are you venting this verbally or in a journal.

4. What are you doing about budgeting it all?

We all must have outlets and thank God I do! Your busy-ness is up to you, so stop complaining and start budgeting time to fit “You” in again. Without it, it will be tiring, dreadful, and eventually not want to get out of bed. There are many answers to this depending on your life, etc. This is what coaches help with!

Find your path to keep life busy with so many things you love or feel good about that when you are exhausted - it feels fantastic!

Be well,
Merna Throne, M.S.
Super Success Coach & Trainer™

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