Fear is Best Served over Ice


How do you enjoy a healthy dose of fear? IE: Avoidance, irritation, sweets, crying, overeating, shopping, alcohol, drugs, isolation, exercise, or anger. What is in your Witches Brew that is your personal recipe of FEAR? 

Life is changing daily and our lives are all moving forward whether we see this or not. When it comes to making major changes in a person’s life, it can freeze us in fear. Yes, this is very common to us all and unless we make the conscious effort to push through it, and ask for help. It will halt your life otherwise. We all believe we are the only one experiencing this, so I am knocking you over the head that you are not alone! 

Now, have you ever heard the phrase “Walk through the fire to get to the other side”? Whoever stops to think about the other side? Instead, we focus on not being burned by the fire and well, ya know….. It’s HOT and frightening! God knows how many trips I have made across this “fire” and I am here to tell you that the other side is more often than not, better than I had hoped.  

We all have goals, dreams, and a life we are striving to improve and keep healthy. Recently, I made the GiNormous decision to sell my acreage and move across country from Iowa to Florida. (This dream was realize in late 2011) I remember when fear of change might have gripped me paralyzed, but I have learned to just walk through it to prosper & grow. Hey, it doesn't mean I don't get scared because I do! I have my moments of sobbing over the loss of my home of over a decade. I have countless memories that took place there and I will always have them. It was my comfort zone, my safety net. However, I do not allow it to stop me and just maybe this adventurous side has always been with me. Ok, Ok, yes it has been.

When I was 19, I moved across country to Florida too and thought nothing of it. As a woman in the middle portion of her life we are suppose to be settled and more ‘established’. Yeah, yeah, I have always loooooved to break that mold and be different than others. My friends and family can attest to my being different. Well, age hasn't stopped me and frankly won’t. I will be the old hippy aunt with long hair living on the beach someday. The only difference is I will have long colored hair instead of long gray hair. (It’s the 20 years I spent as a hairdresser that will never change) 

When fear grips us we stand frozen at the door of the fire. Well, once we start walking through the door of fire, we feel uncomfortable, warm, irritable, emotional, lost, HOT, and hurt. We do not remember when we get to the other side, it is often much better than we had hoped or dreamed. PLUS, we are no longer fearful of what paralyzed us to begin with. We feel stronger and realize that it is possible to win, overcome issues, learn, grow, and Yes SURVIVE what we made us fearful. We do not want to be stuck in the FEAR which is our witch’s brew of issues, problems, high level feelings, feeling lost, money, worry, losing our comfort zone, overeating, and this list can go on depending on our indulgences. 

Fear is a basic primal emotion that is key to evolutionary survival. It’s one we share with animals. Fear is a funny thing, one needs enough of it, but not too much of it. One study found that very frightened people can withstand more pain than those not experiencing fear” (Abel, 2011).

Yes, this is scientific proof that conquering fear will make us stronger IF we allow it too. 

I have recently sold my acreage and began my journey to move to Florida. I am now in phase II of my plan and will be staying in Iowa until after Christmas. I have personal obligations that keep me here until then and it is my last autumn living here in Iowa, so I am soaking it in. My temporary home is preparing me for the uncomfortable and unknown after leaving the comfort of my former home and land for over 13 years. I am experiencing saddened moments of leaving my home, and YES, I know I have palm trees in my future, but I need to take the time to feel these emotive times. Instead of finding ways to stay comfortable I am enjoying them over ice! Yes, no matter how many times you go through fear, it still has its moments. 

When we are stirring our witches brew of fear I like to think of KISS – an acronym for Keep it Simple Stupid! Now, Now, no one is calling you stupid at all, but simply giving ourselves a wakeup call that FEAR doesn’t kill us even though there are moments we think life stops moving. You can use silly, smartass, or think of one of your own. When you are in a moment of gripping fear, stop and bring YOU back to the basics

1. STOP! Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes

2. Ask yourself what do you need right now? Diagnose your feelings….Do you need sleep, healthy meal, exercise, fun, talk, sleep, or relaxation or other.

3. Reach out for help. IE: Lean on Spouse, talk to trusted friend or personal coach, or Minister. Remember, this is NOT a weakness, but rather our core strength coming out to lead the way. Get creative and think about what you need to get you over a rough spot that isn't simply stuffing your emotions, or halting your process. I do NOT mean a giant candy bar is the answer here at all!

On MernaThrone.com we have a self-discovery library that is chuck full of exercises and self-coaching packages that will guide you down this very path to bring into your witches brew. We have a few items that will assist you through change, but you have to add a huge dose of ACTION to this. (Click Self-Coaching )

Life is a series of adjustments; you can make changes along the way,

but if you don’t start moving forward you’ll never get anywhere!

~ Kimora Lee Simmons

You see, grab a big glass of ice or get out your blender to embrace and enjoy your Witches Brew of Fear…...Fear is healthy, necessary, part of life, and life changing. Remember, no matter the fear, there is life on the other side. It’s will keep you feeling confident and strong while the skin of your soul feels that much more resilient!

Enjoy your fear based brew over ice and embrace change today!


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