The Reality of a New Years Resolution

     Wow, the end of 2010 is upon us and it seems like the first milestone in the 21st century. It seems like yesterday we were all worrying and discussing the ending of the 20th century and here we are a another decade later.

     Depending on your age and how many New Years resolutions you have made, broken, or simply given up on- we have another coming soon. It doesn't have to be a New Years rung in with a plan for failure, but rather finding a path and walking the walk to see where it leads you.

     I never really made resolutions each year, but stayed mindful of my yearly goals and paths. However, in January 2005 I quit smoking on the 26th of that month, but it wasn't a resolution.

     Sort of like New Years Path of Success you are creating this week. When I quit smoking that year I did something different this time on many levels. I was sick and tired of being a chain smoker and HAD to quit once and for all. I had tried many times to no avail.

     This time, I created a plan of attack along with taking action for support. Something very similar to my popular Rock my World! Self-coaching kit below. (Only the kit below is stronger and better.) Also, this time I did it cold turkey baby! Yes, you heard me right. I was tired of spending hundreds of dollars on gum and patches only to be smoking once I was done with them. I used the American Lung Associations program and followed it too the letter. Almost 6 years later, I am proud to say I am still a non-smoker with NO slips. It still surprises me when I think of this. You see, I was MARRIED to my cigarettes and if I can do this anyone can!

     I learned something in this process that has stuck with me since and it was something called "What is Your BackDoor?" I needed to be honest with myself and find my back door. My back door is thinking of the worst that could happen where I would say... "Screw it I am smoking" and having a back up plan instead. That way, I wasn't white knuckling it until a stressful day happened and blow everything I was working towards.

     If you are a client of mine you have heard me mention this often when it comes to goal planning and paths of success. I have a worksheet I have given out with this very topic.

Think about this... What is your back door? What could happen to push you off this road of success?

     Why not simply make plans for the New Year on this path of success in which you are living and learning? James Ray talks about success and its definition in one of his books and I share it often. "Success isn't a goal, but rather a path we choose." Why not create a success path for New Years and leave off the resolution part.

     I have included our best packages below for your New Years Path of Success. Create your plan today, so you are prepared to bring in the new year with a bang......

Happy New Year and Plan on RockIn 2014! (Updated year)

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