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We have a wonderful giveaway going on right now! I will be reviewing this product based on needing new custom molds and comparing gel 22% to Zoom whitening 22%. I have had laser whitening and use custom trays weekly.

The process of making my own trays was SUPER EASY and sent them off in the pre-paid kit they supply you with.

Retail $119

Hello beautiful people!

Today I am waiting (excited) for my professional custom trays to arrive through the mail directly from the lab that works with dentists offices. I have used teeth whitening custom trays from my dentist for about one year now. Recently, with more dental work done in crowns and a new bridge my old trays didn't fit well at all. came into my life. Making my own impressions made me nervous at first. BUT, they make it SUPER simple to do and send into the lab.

First your kit with everything arrives...... How fun!


Next I made my impressions. Sooo Super Simple!


1. Mix the two colored paste for the time that the instructions state

2. Place in tray #1 (do not mix both at the same  time. Take it slow and do it well)
3. Place in mouth and do the second one when finished.

4.  Next, let impressions sit for 30 minutes before placing in the pre-paid blue bubble pack. When ready send on to the lab for them to create your custom teeth whitening trays.

Put in mail and off they go to the lab!

Waiting for custom trays! :)

My trays are trays are here!

I received my custom made trays and the lab sent back my molds (does not send back to everyone) to show you what they get first from your blue castings you had made.

Next, I followed the directions to:

1. Use desensitizing gel for 20-30 minutes before whitener.
2. Softly brush my teeth
3. Followed the directions to whiten my teeth from 30 minutes - 3 hours depending on my need

Wow, these trays are soft, pliable, and comfy! They fit snug too~ My last pair (from another lab) stretched out so bad in one year, I had to clench my teeth to keep the top in.

Well, I will continue this twice a week and show you my results in 3 weeks. Here is where I began.... Yes, I already have white teeth, but maintenance is important with a super white bridge in my mouth. I am comparing this system with my Zoom Nite White 22%....

Stay tuned!