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(This has been a top personal program for years!

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"Each daily assignment works together intrinsically towards your goal. Some assignments are simply just having fun! Pull the trigger and get off that Excuse Escalator for GOOD!

Prosperity begins with a dream...."

Merna Throne - Creator of this Super Kit!

""Thank you Merna, I was able to put my thoughts together and setup my first small program with your help. Your program is not a want to but a "Must Have" Thanks again"

- Philip & Jacqui Viljoen - Classroom Instructors in South Africa

Be your own Life Coach and Invest in Yourself Today!

Good for you! You are exploring your options to find a better path in life. This kit has been around for a while, but its changing properties are still rock solid! To keep it as is and not bring it to video (which would raise the price), we just lowered the price for everyone to enjoy!

Rock my World!™ is a stellar self-discovery/self-coaching package that will benefit you for years to come. By choosing this path you are on the right track to transforming to a much more prosperous life. This kit includes 30 days of assignments, worksheets, some journaling, and more to walk the path to *Ultimate Success*.

It will blow you away with finding *You* and shoving you in a healthy direction. In addition, to Have Fun in life! Merna's Orders...

It is designed to use towards a specific goal or simply a stronger self-esteem. Your choice! In addition, you can use over and over when you wish.

** You may call your coach during this process if you get stuck and cannot move forward. This is very human, so take care of you! I have built this program so you can seamlessly (as humanly possible) go through the process, but asking for help is not a weakness, but rather your strength coming through. Calling a coach, personally, can really skyrocket your results quicker if needed.

*** We go GREEN ....To save you time, the environment, and money this is a full digital package of audios and eBook files. Our fee would triple or more with hard copies, plus think of our environment. After all, you are paying for the Education and saving the land from the plastic!

Create your Own HardCopy: You are Welcome to create your own hard copy of this course. Each eBook is fully printable to create a 3-Ring Binder of this course. It is about 100-150 pages printed out. Supplies are your personal investment.

**The supplies needed for Hardcopy - 3-ring binder, section dividers, printer, paper, 3 hole punch. A great piece of incredible information for easier reference! You will still need the digital copy for "Link" usage.

This Digital Kit Includes:

** How to build an Execution List and pull the trigger

** 5 eHelp™ Assignments to launch your path to peace

** Printable Custom Worksheets to keep you accountable

** 7 "Merna's Audio Muses" - Inspirational Stories - To turn up the volume of motivation...

"Would you Climb that Mountain?"

- "What is on your Vision Wall?"

- "Fashion, or Passion?"

- And more....

** Clear *Action Strategies* Monday - Sunday for 30 solid days.

This kit will help you....

** Gain a stronger self-worth and keep it

** Self-esteem Recovery

** Turn a wish into a dream and finally reality

** Find coaching support at your fingertips

** Get out of your comfort zone and stop wishing and start living those dreams...

** Tap into your inner potential and find your unique passions

** Name that goal!

We all desire a clear path to find more in life and often, it is our self-worth that keeps us from trying. This kit will help you get out of your own way and walk this path to success.

You deserve it!

One of the things I hear so often from all of our clients and website visitors is a needed coaching package that can be done on their time and fit their life. Well, I took this into consideration and created this powerful package for everyone. No more excuses, so what are you waiting for? 

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Isn't today a good day, to Start Over...Begin Again...Today

Only $29!

GIFT yourself the present of life today!

(Over $1000 value if used as one on one coaching)

Be your own Life Coach and Invest in Yourself Today!

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Thank you for trusting us with your relationship with self... You are in great hands!

RockIn' FeedBack!

Rock my world: that is where I am after 5 days through the program. I am so glad I took this on, by Wednesday I wanted to quit: the storms inside me was very overwhelming- now. I know I have done the right thing, and after 30 days I will know how to live with myself - no doubt about this. You could not have used a better name for that course. It really rocks. Thank you so much Merna, I have done so many "stuff" before, it feels like I have arrived. I am not smooth sailing yet, but I am surely on my way to do so. My affirmations and my mirror list is growing. Mirror: that was the toughest, still is at times.   


I joined your rock my world ecourse yesterday. I have been busy on your site and sending questions and yesterday I just knew I had to make the choice now! I can continue not loving myself, carrying guilt backpacks that are totally cripple me in health, wealth and friendships or I can start dumping somewhere - thanks for letting me in, taking my hand and where I don't want to throw out old rubbish you are there for me to help me   doing so. Your patience will be tested, but I am sure you will manage, that is why I put my "life" in your hands.   

J.V.- South Africa         

I lost my job and needed to hire a coach, but couldn't afford it. I felt trapped in my own circumstances and then ran across this on Facebook. It was a blessing to me!! I purchased it immediately and finished my first month and started again. I am blown away by how detailed this is and is very cheap in price. I felt like Merna wrote this to me and my problems. Highly, highly recommend to anyone seeking a coach.     

T.G.- Utah      

This is a GREAT price. I paid much more and it's worth ten times that. I was in a rough place in life and knew I needed a wake up call and some action, but I didn't know what to do. I needed something on my time and this really was the answer. I highly recommend this to everyone who wants much more happiness in life.    

Allen- AK        

 I purchased this package and was pretty skeptical. BUT, I was blown away with its guidance and ease to take one day at a time making change in my life. I am not saying I didn't have rough days, and I did. I did call you a couple times to help me through, but mostly took this journey on my own. I LOVE LOVE it and would recommend to anyone wanting to save some money on coaching and start on their own. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!     

Amy - TX 

I have wanted to hire a coach for a long time, but to scared to do it. Plus, my budget was tight, so when I saw this opportunity at such a cheap price in this kit - I didn't hesitate. It is AWESOME! I didn't know what to expect, but it was great and so supportive for a self-coaching kit. I have told all my friends and look forward to reusing it in the future!     

Christa - CA