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^^ Tried and True success kits below built by Merna Throne, M.S. through a decade of experience and education in the mental health field. She has her BS in Psychology, Masters in Counseling Studies, & Masters in Psychology.

** Even Coaches need Coaching... Our self-coaching kits are perfect for this!
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Blast off your online coaching practice with these incredible packages. This is a great toolbox to bookmark and check back for updates. These kits are for professionally trained Life Coaches and all niches. All of these packages are "Add-ons" to a practicing coaches business and skills. They are not meant to train anyone to be a Life Coach.

Keep this industry strong and invest in your training today! (Life Coaching Training, Certification) Self-Discovery Coach™  - Levels I, II, III & IV

Congrats on the investment you are making in *You* and your powerful coaching business! The feeling behind working towards the greater good is like no other. Your clients deserve a coach that invests in their continued education.Take your communities by storm with an arsenal of dynamic personal growth opportunities for your website visitors and coaching clients!

Here you will find licensing offers to use my successful coaching kits and implement into your coaching practice and watch your clients SOAR to their goals. Each of them give you specific tools to PLOW a path of success for your clients, while you add your personal coaching style, which is crucial.

These kits give you coach training/tools/methods/techniques melded into one incredible package for your business.

Take a stroll below and invest in your business, while each kit will give you returns and clients success for years to come....

The Jump Start Coaching Kit™ is a dynamic professional Coaching Kit to implement into your practice as a coach. This kit draws your clients in with a flat rate and a immense coaching 'jump start' on their individual goals. They see clearly what they are receiving for their money and time.


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HardCore Transformation™ Coach

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This isn't your Momma's Bootcamp!

HardCore Transformation™ Licensing & Unbranded Kit

The Exceptional Coaches Kit™
is a package like no other in the coaching industry. In this kit, there are separate files of phenomenal business tools that will help your business explode with activity.

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