This journey I am taking the memories of my
sister Carol & Soul Sister of 30+ years Marisa...
Both died waaaay too young!

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Planet Fitness's I have visited to date:
Cape Coral, FL; Dothan, AL; Nashville, TN;
Iowa City, IA; Davenport, IA; Lincoln, NE; Loveland, CO; Phoenix, AZ; Santa Fe, NM...

Total Miles today (Start March 28, 2016)

Almost 9,000 Miles Driven
17 states too!!
(to date 09/10/16)

April 2016 - Nashville Visit
May/June - Colorado
June/July - Arizona      The MIM (Musical Instrument Museum)
July - New Mexico Leaving 7/20 Back to Iowa

Sorry, once I got back to Florida, I didn't finish all the pictures, but hopefully soon!

I do know that the road is where I belong...... Dreaming of the next one!

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I am going on my life long dream of a 6 month or more Road Trip visiting Music Festivals in MANY states. Music is like air to me and is my  true love.  After many years of countless surgeries and recoveries in my health I am in a place to do this. I am healthy, strong, and only 52 years of age... Its time for me!  :)

I will be posting pics and videos of the Music Festivals  I visit on my Facebook Profile, so feel free to 'follow' me.  I am hoping to raise money for the gas and affordable hotels (otherwise I will sleep in my car, but it is all good no matter)... :)

It will begin around May 14th, 2016. I will be visiting Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and possibly more... If you love Music - I am thrilled to share my adventure with pictures and videos of each of them.  I am making my road map now and will share them all with you soon!


= I will be checking at random Local Musicians & sharing with you!

      Send me an email if I am in your next of the woods w/ names & places to check out music.
Google maps can tell you

an approx route from state to state.

Road Trip Agenda:

* Laporte, Fort Collins, Loveland, Colorado
* Phoenix, Grand Canyon, & more in Arizona
***Possible trip to Southern California - more on this later.
* New Mexico
* Road tripping New Mexico back to Iowa (family) & see what I find along the way.
** Wonder around Midwest.......May find some festivals too.
* Tennessee
* Southern States and down to SW Florida (where I live) and around the east coast of Florida through out the winter...

**** Subject to changes. I am seeing where the Road takes me.. JOIN Me!

Cheers to this Bucket List Dream that I will share with you virtually!                                                         
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