This is after only 3 Treats = 4 is a FULL treatment! 

More pics coming soon............... 

My Story!

      I am sure you are asking where the depth of my belief in It Works! comes from, so here is my story. In 1995, I survived severe sepsis and lived against all odds according to the doctors who saved my life at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. The moment I was air-lifted by Mayo 1 to them when I was at my worst, my body had begun to die with kidney and lung failure. Well, they pumped 3 big-gun antibiotics in massive doses (their words) to save my life. Well, they worked! However, I have had many permanent side effects from all of them. The latest was 4 joint replacements surgeries I underwent in one calendar year (2012-13) because my knees and hips had became crippled. I wanted my life back!

      Guess what? I got it times 10! In my late forties, I had 4 joint replacement surgeries in one calendar year. Yes, I just faced it head on to get it behind me! Well, the last few years before this my knees were huge at all times and with movement swelled worse. At ‘normal’, they were like large cantaloupes and I even stopped wearing jeans because I could not get them over my knees. Along with weight gain that when I lost it all after (working out again and missed it terribly) I dropped two sizes (without trying) past my normal goal. 

     Shocked me to no end! Today, I am a size 4 and keep it off just fine. Well, needless to say, I have a few saggy areas that It Works! is taking care of for me! I am a true blue believer. I thought I would have to save money for a plastic surgeon! Just look at my arms so far. MORE pictures coming soon… Plus, we have skin care, and wellness products that care for me inside out!

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Your Guru, 

Merna Throne

PS Oh yeah, I am a Psychology and a technology Geek. Also, a Rock freak and work with a local musician who is going places! I do his website & social media, plus local booking agent.

I have 3 degrees in Psychology and teach college classes based in psychology on campus. 

I Love being in the middle of all my loves and It Works! has joined my circle... 

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