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Take a workshop online and on *Your* time.

Each class is a specialized recorded Webinar for each workshop just for you. In addition, there will be a downloaded tools in some to self-coach yourself to success. Our Workshops are solely digital, but conclude by leading to which workbook that is needed for your crucial next step. We strongly take you through a healthy and productive process.

Whenever possible...*** We go GREEN ....To save you time, the environment, and money most workshops are full digital packages of audios, webinars, and eBook files.

Merna Throne is the Super Success Coach & Trainer™ that takes you through many powerful workshops!


** Self-esteem/Inner Voice Workshop = Find an Inner Voice that Rocks! 

** Body Image Success

** Relationship with Money

** Choosing Ms or Mr Right

** "Can you Hear me Now?" Communication Workshop

** Mending a Broken Heart - Moving through Grief

** MANY more coming soon!......

~ As a person who doesn't like to ask for help, the virtual workshop gave me the power to swallow my pride and ask for help. You [Merna]taught me that asking for help is not a weakness, it shows strength and courage.

Kari - Iowa

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