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Why are People never Showing Love to You??

Posted by Merna Throne on Sunday, November 24, 2013, In : Life Style 

Do you ever crave Love?? If so, do you look around you and criticize others for not giving you enough love? This is happening to many people these days. Criticizing others seems to becoming almost a norm in our society, and this is a terrible on so many levels. It will drive a wedge between people in the world if it does.  Here is another tough question...

Who is the common denominator?

Yes, I am afraid you are.... We are not here to take others inventories on mistakes in life. We are h...

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Hmmm, are you a Super Freak?!?

Posted by Merna Throne on Monday, November 11, 2013, In : FaceBook® Posts 

Are you a Freak??!! Well are you ready to find out?  Take this online test and POST your results with on on Facebook.

This test was developed by two psychologists in the 1970's to determine an individual's "Need for Uniqueness." It's a real test, based on scientific research, not a so-called purity test like those typically found on the internet. Here we go.....

I AM a FREAK! I received a 46%.....NEXT!
Happy Monday!

Be well,

Merna Throne, M.S.
Super Success Coach & Trainer™
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