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Colorado Here I Come!

Posted by Merna Throne on Thursday, May 19, 2016, In : My Magical Mystery Tour/Music Marathon 


I have been in Iowa now for about a month and getting ready to leave for Colorado on May 23 (Monday) on my Music Crawl across the USA. Can’t believe this trip here I have been this sick, but better now than when I get on the road again. I was so fatigued I had begun to wonder if my motivation and energy was gone for good! I am on the mend and getting my FIRE back every day. My next festival is Bands in the Backyard, Vineland, CO June 17 & 18. Sawyer Brown, Kid Rock, 3 Doors Down, Alaba...

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Do you hear yourself say "I hate money or money is bad"? A MUST read!

Posted by Merna Throne on Wednesday, October 30, 2013, In : The Law of Attraction 

Hello again!

So many of you have tried, worked, and found success in someway or all with the Law of Attraction. I include myself in this since I am living proof it works, but you must never succumb to non-belief. For those of you who believe in God you have learned that he has the same values, so this isn't some evil opposite of Christian beliefs. You hear commonalities in many religions, so open those minds if you haven't already.

Ok, this is short and sweet - too the point. For those of you...
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