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How Do You Deal with a Death of a Loved One?

Posted by Merna Throne on Wednesday, June 29, 2016, In : My Magical Mystery Tour/Music Marathon 

Hola people!

            I will be here in Arizona till around July 20th. I have been having so much fun with Lisa Brooks family and she has an awesome one! I will be house sitting with two of their dogs. Yogi and Daisy, so they will keep me company during the 10 days they will be gone. It will give me time for solace, reflecting, working out (get rid of the little chub I gained), swimming, working online, and blogging. Oh yeah, and finding music around this city... but the rest time is oh...

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Healing Unresolved Grief......

Posted by Merna Throne on Friday, June 17, 2016, In : My Magical Mystery Tour/Music Marathon 


As I sit here this morning on June 17th without the internet, it is giving me time to write this blog out and publish it later. Funny how so many things in life that stops these days if no Wifi access. However, you can still find things to do if you try. I have been in Colorado almost a mont...

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Do you have a Millionaire Mindset? Or at least an Abundant one?

Posted by Merna Throne on Wednesday, November 13, 2013, In : The Law of Attraction 

~ Do you believe in yourself?

~ Do you believe your financial income matches your dreams

~ Do you Struggle with Money ?

Money gives us freedom and opportunities to do extraordinary things in life... Its not about the piece of paper in the money, but how we wish to use it.. Focus on your goals of providing value to the world to attract more money.... In the law of attraction, we attract what we feel...

How do you feel today?

Be well,

Merna Throne, M.S.
Super Success Coach & Trainerâ„¢

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