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Merna Throne, M.S.

 (Super Success Coach & Trainer™)
is the Founder and Creator of MernaThrone.com

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Where Quality & Pride still exists!

Mission, Vision & Core Values: We strive to guide people to tap into their THRIVING Soul and bring it forward to meet their true best self through self-discovery & self-recovery. 

To teach the science of living the fire of a loving and passionate life from the inside out!

Personally and Professionally!

     She is an Author, Psychology Professor, and a Super Success Coach & (LifeStyle Coach) Trainer™. Even though her personal self-worth journey began in 1985, her career in the personal development industry as a LifeStyle Coach began in 2004. She has guided thousands of men and women to healthier ground in life and relationships with her work. Her mission is to assist you to tap into your personal power you were born with and catapult life starting with today!

     Many people search, search, and search daily for more happiness and do not find it. They sit home believing it comes from hoping, wishing, and very little action in their own life. They do not realize the answers lie within themselves - today! Ms. Throne is a fantastic coach and educator who can show people how to tap into their own personal power for more in LIFE. Busting Blocks are easy with her professional insight as a LifeStyle Coach.

 At the age 32 she was in a coma after some serious health complications and beat death against all odds. In addition, many years of more surgeries and health complications that followed. She knew she would survive these times, 
but little did she know she would THRIVE again.  Even though her health issues continue, she focuses on her passion's while taking care of self. This is her true mission to assist you!

     Merna has survived many difficult times in her life (just like many people) that were intertwined with fantastic moments in life as well. She tackled Alcoholism at a young age of 22 and has been sober since January 1st, 1986. Losing many close loved ones to Cancer and walked the healing path of grief. She has lived on a roller coaster with her struggle with health issues and chronic pain for 2 decades. In 2012, she went thru 4 full joint replacements to get around again. Not only did she get back on her feet, she is living the life to the fullest once again! She finds the BEST in each day and lives by it.

     For years she has worn many hats as a personal coach, coach trainer, and mentor with a best selling authors coaching company. All since 2004 and has evolved into her own company and position of a Super Success Coach & Trainer™. In addition, she has her BS in Psychology through Upper Iowa University and her Masters in Counseling Studies and Masters in General Psychology through Capella University. She has studied and researched obesity, morbid obesity, and the differences between men and women throughout her degrees. 

      MernaThrone.com is her passion that contains coaching, mentoring, teaching, Technology geek and certifying qualified Self-Discovery Coacheswhile she lives in Florida. She still is an Iowa girl at heart where she was born and raised. Her life overflow-eth with family, friends, her unbreakable Faith in God, love for music, volunteering, teaching in higher education, maintaining her health, enjoying island life, seeking her adrenaline junkie needs in a healthy manner :) and trying to keep it all straight. After all, in the end the journey of life and the people in our lives are all that matter. 

     Helping others find peace and abundance in life is her true calling. Pocket of Pearls was the first workbook to support everyone in their hectic 21st century lives.  WorkBook Menu 

 Pocket of Pearls: A 30-day pocket workbook 

to start hearing a softer voice inside of you! 

She went on to publish her second workbook called Pocket of Rubies and a Cup of Hazelnut.

(Pssst also Kindle® published "Shhhhh do not wake the beast!"

A personal story of living life with food addiction.

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I have gone through my own personal struggles and found my way back to THRIVING! So I have created my own tried and true methods along with my Psychology degrees into a powerful Life Coach Certification Academy Levels I, II, III, & IV that focuses on you as the *Star*! In addition, a portal of self-discovery projects for all.

I look forward to working with you and watching you grow in life and love!