**Continued Education for the Practicing Coach


The Self-Discovery Coach™ Academy

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7- Week Power Class - Level II

Master Level
**Continued Education for the Practicing Coach

Where Quality & Pride still exists!

We have individuals from all walks of business strengthen their skills professionally from this course.

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"Coaching is the number two growth industry right behind IT (Information Technology) jobs, and it's the

 number one home-based profession.". Starts-Up Magazine


>> Executive Self-Discovery Coach™ - Level III

Self-Study/Online Classroom

**Continued Education for the Practicing Coach

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Congratulations! This is your next 7-week Power Class! You have made the phenomenal choice to continue with the investment in your coaching business, knowledge, skills, and more. This Master Level will take your existing coaching business and open a door to more clients, earnings, knowledge, and niche to new heights.

This course is a class that is on *Your Time* and built to do at your own pace. Week by week you will be interacting in our online classroom with other students and our instructor(s).

PLUS, listening to our weekly recorded Live classes taking you through the weeks lessons and assignments with Ms. Throne. The rest of the time you will complete independent weekly home assignments. We have powerful training methods you won't find anywhere else.

To graduate, you will request the final written exam when you complete this course . (Do not worry, we prepare you well here!)

Level II Master Coaching Certification is the springboard into deeper self-discovery coaching. You will continue to work with models learned in Level I - and then expand on them so that you ultimately go beyond the models and learn to focus more on the self-discovery coaching relationship.

Our training is designed to be the best to construct and preserve a coaching practice of the highest quality standards and professional ethics. Our Master Level training also allow you to use the best and most effective coaching skills into your work, as manager, mentor, executive, psychologist, counselor, consultant, WAHM, teacher, or any other vocation that will benefit from coaching skills. You have the ability to find a deeper niche with this course too!

^^ We believe that coaches need to be specialists of the soul.

^^ We believe that coaches need to be professors of the path.

^^ We believe that coaches need to be teachers of the spirit.

^^ We believe that coaches need to be compassionate of the human condition.

You will gain this education with our level I & II training courses and take your communities by storm with an arsenal of teaching, tools, skills, and more.

>> Executive Self-Discovery Coach™ - Level III

*** We go GREEN ....To save you time, the environment, and money this is a full digital package of audios and eBook files. Our fee would double with hard copies, plus think of our environment.

Create your Own HardCopy: You are welcome to create your own hard copy of this course. Each eBook is fully printable to create a 3-Ring Binder of this course. It is about 350-400 pages printed out. Supplies are your personal investment.

**The supplies needed for Hardcopy - 2" 3-ring binder, 7 section dividers, printer, paper, 3 hole punch. A great piece of incredible information to begin your training for easier reference!

You will Need Adobe Reader for this Digital Package Click here for a FREE Download.

Once you graduate you are certified a Master Self-Discovery Coach™ ready to cultivate your private coaching practice. You will be able to brand yourself using our logo for marketing your business. Our training course gives you a stronger foundation for your existing coaching skills. ** In addition, we show you how to set your hourly rate starting at $75-100 or more. This takes into account your level of experience and confidence with Level I training too. This is training on your time, so take 7 weeks to complete this or 23 weeks; your choice!

Our course is 7-weeks from beginning to end while we take you through Master Level topics like:

  • Introduction to becoming a Master Self-Discovery Coach
  • What Arouses and Energizes Behavior
  • Master Level Communication Skills
  • Self-Concept and Self-Esteem
  • Coping Skills
  • Promoting your Master Level Skill
  • Written Final

回 ₪ A Digital Briefcase with an arsenal of professional tools your clients will LOVE and GROW from that consists of:

^ Jump Start Coaching Kit Licensing for Professional Coaches

^ Each weeks lesson is a book of knowledge and a strong library for your office.

 & sooo much more.....

In this Master Level we focus on more advanced topics of human behavior and information along with the coaching skills taught in Level 1.

Prerequisite: Self-Discovery Coach™ Academy - level I first or another comparable level one coach training with proof of graduation.

** If you have completed a coach training course and wish to take our Master Level as your ongoing education, email us and show us proof of graduation/certification from that course. Once we have this, we will make the decision if it is comparable (Minimum of 7 weeks training) to our high-level training course. This Master Level does not focus on the foundation of a coaching practice; this is taught in Level I.

Only $212 to start - Interest free! - $848 - 4 Easy Monthly Payments of only $212. Consecutive payments. Zero tolerance for late payments please.  You may have received a thumb drive in level I. Then when you move on to Levels II & III, you can place them all on the same drive and have all your resources/information in one place!

Or Pay in Full! $799 (SAVE $49) for this 7 week Master Class! You may have received a thumb drive in level I. Then when you move on to Levels II & III, you can place them all on the same drive and have all your resources/information in one place!

You have one year to complete your training.

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7-Week Power Class - Level I

7-Week Master Class
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7-Week Executive Class - Level III

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