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Law of Attraction Coaching

60-Day eMail Coaching!

Coaching in the 21st Century!

Ask. Believe. Receive


Paradise for the

mind, body, and soul....

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The Law of Attraction is a phenomenal tool to create the life of our dreams. We all learned about this in the blockbuster The Secret.....Well, now you can have specific guidance, tools, skills, my experience, assignments, and education sent directly to your email for 60-days. You will receive an email full of your lesson work every couple of days. That way you have time to work through them and really change the core of your mindset.

(I set an intention of selling a farm in Iowa and moving cross country to Florida to start over hook, line, and sinker . I, now, live on an island.)

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen" - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

This is a 60-day Law of Attraction coaching model for you to register and receive a Law of Attraction coaching email every couple of days to change your mindset from the dumps to prosperity!

** What do you want?

** Where do you want to live?

** What do you want to drive?

** Do you want true love???

Keep going!

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Only $29   (Reg. $49)  for 60-days of powerful Law of Attraction coaching to change your mindset and the course of your life! Invest in YOU!

IMPORTANT: Once you complete a successful payment you will be redirected to the registration page to begin this 60-day series of emails.

Photo: Once in a while I love to lean on my favorite quotes from The Secret. It reminds me to relax and focus on my goals, while keeping my eyes wide open for the path to open up to it with opportunities. These opportunities are not always what we believe they will look like, but we learn from everything we do. Something small could have a huge impact so stay open minded. 
See you tomorrow! 

Merna Throne, Super Success Coach & Trainer™

Who needs an "app" when you can have this series sent to your email on your phone!


I purchase this a few months ago and was really hoping it would help my thoughts and life. At first, I wondered, but as time went on, your lessons became MY HABITS!!!! I still finding myself remembering what you taught me and they were so simple. I am not perfect at all, but saved all the emails to continue supporting myself. I loved, loved, love this process.

Thank you for your creation here!! I am telling all my friends!

Ann M., Wisconsin

I bought your Law of Attraction coaching series. I was very reluctant, but needed new thoughts. Honestly, it blew me away during the process and afterwards. You taught me simple techniques to change me. I gathered good skills and find myself remembering them now. I just landed my dream job and moving next week to California. Thank you for making this simple to change my thinking. I have never written in about a product before, but needed to tell you. I am now checking out your 7-week power class.

Thank you again,

Ken S., Oregon

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