Coaching Fees by PayPal®

Purchase blocks of time as you need.

Coaching has a strength & purpose to its process, so be patient. I have been doing this many years and know the healthiest, yet fastest way to your goals. Trust me!

 Merna Throne, M.S.
Super Success Coach & Trainer

Merna Throne's Coaching - Fee is $95 per hour by phone & $125 per hour in-person.

  • You can save money with purchasing a larger block of time.  
  • We will contact your PayPal® email address for your appt. and/or Phone number you have given.
  • Minimum of 45 minutes per appt. Coaching sessions are the strongest when you have a minimum of 45 minutes each time you work with a coach. 
  • Once we have our confirmed appt. I will call you on the phone number you provide at the appointed time.
  • In person sessions (Local) Meet in Neutral place

** Once I received your confirmed payment from PayPal for the block of time you choose, I will email you to set up an appointment ASAP!

 Phone Sessions

60-Minute Coaching Session - Phone - $95

Coaching Session - Phone $142

Coaching Session - Phone $165 (Save $25)

In Person Sessions

(Local) Meet in Neutral place

60-Minute Coaching Session - in-person- $125

Coaching Session - in-person - $187

120-minute Coaching Session - in-person $225 (Save $25)