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       This is our video on demand option where practicing coaches can choose the topic they wish to learn more about. These are simply the lessons from Level I (others coming soon) as they are in the full package. You can pay only for that week and learn from the video lessons and me walking you through it. Now, these are simply pulled from the complete course, so remember that when watching them, but they are chocked full of techniques, knowledge, and skill. To be a certified Self-Discovery Coach™ you will need to complete the full course and pass final exams.

Level I

** Weekly lessons that are purchased separately have a 6-day money back guarantee only. Our Academy has a couple years down time due to circumstances beyond our control in life.

1. Introduction to this course and Coaching - $99

2. Inner Voice = Core of self - $148

3. Communication skills -

4. Personal responsibility. Emotions. The Grief Process
- $148

5. Self-Discovery Coaching™ Skills. Male & Female Communication Goals
- $148

6. Couples Coaching Skills. Professional ethics
- $148

7. The Level I Briefcase of 7 worksheets, Self-discovery Coach dictionary, & more - $49

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