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The Self-Discovery Coach™ Academy

An Institute of Excellence

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 "I look forward to meeting you! You will love our online classroom with the other students that have the strong desire to learn about coaching and human behavior. Fasten your seat-belt and enjoy this incredible industry!

Prosperity begins with a dream...."

Merna Throne - Founder


This Self-Study Program has the best of my work melded with a quality training style. The coaching/mentoring skills are taught from my degree in Psychology, coaching experience, personal experience, melded into facilitating self-discovery for your clients. I kept in mind the true integrity of my life experience from hitting bottom to thriving, coaching/mentoring ethics, skill, motivational techniques, and business knowledge built into this class. Building this professional skills & coaching course felt like the perfect extension from my years of work and experiences all rolled into one.

This class will blow you away with its ethics, skills, internet learning videos, and more, while tapping into your passion of helping people in life. (Many students talk about their own incredible self-discovery during this course too!)

"Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams....".


Our course and syllabus is modeled from online college courses for super success training, plus recorded live classes of participants and instructor to listen too.

I am 150% confident in my training classes and made this dream possible for everyone who desires this career or simply professional people skills on so many levels. We show you how to build a thriving coaching practice from the start, while giving you techniques, skills, and so much more for working with people professionally. Plus, we have easy, low payment plan options.

** We do highly recommend participants hire a coach before becoming one. You can do this while going through your training too! It assists you vastly when you become a coach! Email us for a recommendation Or  This is a GREAT option!

^ We believe that coaches need to be specialists of the soul.

^ We believe that coaches need to be professors of the path.

^ We believe that coaches need to be teachers of the spirit.

^ We believe that coaches need to be compassionate of the human condition.

You will gain this education with our level I - IV training courses and

take your communities by storm with an arsenal of teaching, tools, skills, and more. 

Why are we different? We touch on more areas than most coaching programs. We integrate business skills, biz promotion, website work, internet promotion, professional ethics, referral systems, and implement healing, self-discovery of your life’s possibilities, teach *action strategies* to make a difference in the client’s success, and a business online presence to keep you professional as a coach.

You will graduate with an amazing start with your ability as one of our Master Coaches, and the needed launch pad for your new practice if desired. When you graduate you will be certified as a Self-Discovery Coach™ that is vital in any professional setting that you choose.

** We have unique training methods to teach you human need and psychology on a coaching level, while giving you critical thinking assignments weekly. This starts you thinking like a coach from the start while learning to think on your feet and apply to each unique coaching client. You won't find our training methods anywhere else!

In addition, one of your specialties will be the Grief process and helping others heal after the loss of a loved one. Whether death, divorce, or ending of a relationship. Dealing with death isn’t often talked about or asked about, but having this specialty can bring clients who didn’t know they needed it.

For professionals ** We teach you how to deal with grief and deep sadness with clients you encounter.

This academy will help you build your inner confidence as a coach and/or professional as well as great skills and tools. You will coach/mentor people to ‘get out of their own way’ so they can live the life they dream!

We have unique mentoring/coaching methods to help people start changing their lives at the "Core of Self", so they can make huge change in their lives, relationships, careers, and so much more. This is where all our answers lie in the core of self.

Your Trained Specialties Are:

* Relationship with self (self-esteem, self-worth)

* Super Personal Success (Relationship, life skills)

* The Human Condition on a coaching level (Understanding emotions)

* Super Self-Discovery (Teach, live, and launch a clients personal wealth)

* The Grief Process (Brand yourself a Grief Coach and assist people during loss)

* The ability to add an additional 'niche'

** You will graduate a powerful Self-Discovery Coach™ and mentor, while and feeling like professional coaching/mentoring is second nature.

All while touching many peoples lives.

Most coaching/mentoring programs run between $3500 - $10,000.

Power Class - Only $141 ($848) in 6 Easy Monthly Payments of $141 - Contact us today! 7-week accelerated Power Class with consecutive payments. (Downloaded package sent in 4 portions)

Only $848 for our 7-week accelerated Power Class Self-Study Professional Skills Program & to Train with Merna Throne tools, skills, knowledge, and techniques in the professional world.

This is a full digital package of audios, Videos, and PDF eBook texts of all the information you need to complete that is on a USB drive once paid in full. 100's of pages of education to keep for life! A fabulous library for your coaching or mentoring path. We ship this to you with you with the full payment plan. Our Online Classroom is optional.