Coach Merna's Specialties


She is a First-Class Coach Who Makes You

 #1 when You are Working with Her.

Her Specialties Include:

** Law of Attraction Guru

** I will teach you to tap into your FearLess Self, and call it out when needed!

** Relationships - Dating 101 = Understand the difference between men and women, so your relationships soar! Also, Interpreting the opposite sex is one of my many specialties.

** Grief Recovery - The Grief Process

** Self-esteem Recovery

** A Sounding board with healthy guidance

** Body image success - Obesity and Morbid Obesity - Change your relationship with food and find a leaner mindset. Ms. Throne has studied and researched obesity and morbid obesity since her first course in college (BS in Psychology) and continued through her 1st Masters degree (Counseling Studies) and almost finished with second Masters in General Psychology. Lastly, she has personal experience with both, so step up and make a decision for change today!

** Sober Coach - I can support and guide you to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle. I have been clean and sober since 1986 and counting....Successfully!

** Loving the single life - You cannot give away something you do not have, so let's make it happen!

** The end of a relationship, and learn to love again

We must find what is stopping us from reaching our goals and get back on track. Ms. Throne has the stepping-stones for you to walk on, during this journey to healthier ground. In addition, she gives you vital homework for you to work on between sessions to save you time and money. 

Invest in YOU today