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"Hey, they are not perfect they are just me
educating you in this industry & a little fun too

- Merna Throne


Bring a Friend Offer - Bring a friend to take this class with you and you BOTH receive 20% off! 
Until Oct. 31st, 2019 SAVE 20% off full tuition price for EACH of you.
 Pay only $$639.20

"Dreams are living out our ultimate life in our mind, body, and soul while seeking the day we bring it to our everyday existence. Dream BIG as anything is possible if you set your mind on this path of prosperity!

~ Merna Throne

Complete Self-Study Power Class 4.0
Life Coach/Mentoring Training Online
Master Professional People Skills for any Career

"✵ ✶ ✷ What would life be if we had
no courage to attempt anything?

~ Vincent van Gogh


Even if you don't want to become a Self-Discovery Coach™ this super life coach certification course can

give you the skills to change your life from the inside out! 

                                                                                                          >  > Level II  & Level III

If you are here as a public professional, remember the process of learning in life coaching will enhance your skills dramatically.

Trust us in this process and do not skip anything you believe doesn’t apply.

                                                                                  It all works intrinsically together!

                                                                   You won't find our training methods anywhere else.

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This Power Class contains a video of Coach Trainer Merna taking you through the weekly lecture and assignments. Plus, email interactions if desired, audio classroom recordings, and live interaction in the private classroom forums to guide you when needed. In addition to the weekly videos you still have complete access to the audio of a former training class to listen in on. PLUS, we still have our Online Classroom where you can interact with myself, and other students who choose this route. You post your weekly assignments in this forum classroom.

** We teach
Emotional Intelligence... It is not learned in the standard intellectual way; it must be learned and understood on an emotional level. You will learn this throughout our course and excel by applying to your life and coaching skills.

This eClass is perfect for:

** Team Leaders in direct sales - aid your group in success!

** The Beginner who enjoys helping people

** Self-diligent person

** Person seeking personal life skills, tools, and self-worth work

** Degree in social work or psychology

** Independent student

** Desire training at your own pace

** Public service, Medical staff, Learn professional skills

** Practicing coaches who desire a stronger skill set & business tools

** Become a Grief Coach with this course.

....A course for everyone....

o graduate, you will request the final written exam when you complete this course . In addition, a final Role play recorded for graduation. (Do not worry, we prepare you well here!) Once you graduate you are certified a Self-Discovery Coach™ ready to life coach and/or mentor others. You will be able to brand yourself using our logo for marketing your business. Our training course gives you a solid foundation for your coaching/mentoring skills and new business.

The 7-week Power Class includes:

1. Introduction to this course and Coaching

2. Inner Voice = Core of self

3. Communication skills

4. Personal responsibility. Emotions. The Grief Process

5. Self-Discovery Coaching™ Skills. Male & Female

    Communication Goals

6. Couples Coaching Skills. Professional ethics

7. Written Final -Recorded Role-play Final

*** We go GREEN ....To save you time, the environment, and money this is a full digital package of videos, audios, and eBook textbooks. In addition, the briefcase file with many needed tools for your business. Our fee would double with hard copies, plus think of our environment.

Create your Own Hard Copy: You are welcome to create your own hard copy of this course. Each eBook is fully printable to create a 3-Ring Binder of this course. It is about 350-400 pages printed out. Supplies are your personal investment.

**The supplies needed for Hardcopy - 2" 3-ring binder, 7 section dividers, printer, paper, 3 hole punch. A great piece of incredible information to begin your training for easier reference!

You will Need Adobe Reader for this Digital Package Click here for a FREE Download.

Only $212
per month for 4 months. Interest Free!!  4 payments of only $212. consecutive. (Downloaded package sent in 4 portions - You will not be able to be certified in 7 weeks with this package. You receive four kits; one each month with the four payments) Thumb drive shipped when full payment is completed... Email us if you want one (USA Only)! Then when you choose to move on to Levels II & III, you can place them all on the same drive and have all your resources/information in one place!

Only $799
(SAVE $49 )for our 7-week accelerated Self-Study Power Class & to Train with Merna Throne tools, skills, knowledge, education, and techniques in the professional world. 

Bring a Friend Offer - Bring a friend to take this class with you and you BOTH receive 20% off! 
Until Oct. 31st, 2019 SAVE 20% off full tuition price for EACH of you.
 Pay only $$639.20

 (Contact us for Professional Business/Employee Distribution Pricing)
Thumb drive shipped when full payment is completed, at least 30 days following full payment.
Email us if you want one! Then when you choose to move on to Levels II & III, you can place them all on the same drive and have all your resources/information in one place!

100's of pages of education to keep for life! A fabulous library for your coaching or mentoring path. Our Online Classroom is optional, but a valuable piece to your training if you wish. I have created a seamless self-study course if you wish.
  >  > Level II & Level III                

More details on payment page once registration begins and you click on "Start Here"".

The reality is… quality coach training does not need to be expensive or take years to complete.

** This credential is our internal certification. 

** Over 90 hours of intense coach training. 

** 100s of page's of education, knowledge, tools, and techniques. 

** 5-7 hours online/internet and independently per week (Power Class individuals have a choice to post or not in our classroom)

When you graduate you will become certified by our academy. With the self-study option of this class you will need to simply pass the final written and verbal exams to become certified. Don't worry we prepare you well here when you do the work!

                                                                                ➥ MORE Information about our Academy! (Level I)

"Thanks, Merna for your dynamic program that has assisted so many people to achieve greater levels of personal development and teaching us how to utilize this in the efforts to lift up other people. The work that I've done with marketing in the past definitely helped me to come to this program and I'm grateful for that. Your words of encouragement then and now have been a great factor in my success".

D., Oregon


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