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Merna Throne, M.S.

Super Success Coach & Trainer™

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I have been coaching since 2004 and expanded towards building/writing a powerhouse Self-Discovery Coach™ Academy Levels I - IV. In addition, assisting coaches build their business and continued education for them all. Click on Life Coach Class  to begin your own class/business. We have individuals from all walks of business strengthen their skills professionally from this course.

Plus, I continue to coach individuals one-on-one to assist them in excelling their lives. 

Options for one-on-one coaching:

1. Phone

2. One month of coaching - Jump Start Coaching

3.   Law of Attraction eMail Coach

4. Email Coaching

5. Live Chat/Instant Chat

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For years I wore many hats as a personal coach, coach trainer, and mentor with a best selling authors coaching company. All since 2004 and has evolved into my own company and position of a

Super Success Coach & Trainer™.

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What does a Self-Discovery Coach™ do?
They will help you call out your

FearLess Self when needed and live a passion filled life!"

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"I was excited to start working with a coach and nervous as the same time. Merna put me at ease right away with her calming, yet assuring voice and personal wisdom. I have always had trust issues, but I truly trust her with my past. We are working through some tough stuff, but I feel confident for the first time things can get better."

-A.M., Michigan

☼ "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore.Dream. Discover"

 ~ Mark Twain
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What is coaching?

A Coaches job is to assist a client in discovering their true life’s potential and desire, while showing you the steps on how to LIVE it! How does this sound to you?

As your Master Self-Discovery Coach™, Ms. Throne helps men and women discover, define, and thrive within the life they truly desire. Specializing in Obesity and Morbid Obesity mindsets.

This Master Self-Discovery Coaching™ program is like no other and has strong results. The tools are incredible, but you must be ready to do the work!

How do I change my current situation, relationship, self-worth, and many more areas of life. All are commonly asked questions by men and women of all ages. There are many things someone can do on their own or with assistance. In addition, sometimes, we need an unbiased, skilled professional to help us sort out our path in life.

You are not alone!

Remember, reaching out for help on life's issues is not a weakness, but rather a true strength. Working with her as your coach can assist you in finding the invisible road blocks that are stopping you from living the life you desire. She will then help you break them down and dispense of them forever. You can start improving self esteem today! She has been a Life Coach since 2004 and has evolved her worked to a being .......

an unique Super Success Coach & Trainer™.

She is a strong asset to this coaching program with her ground breaking Master Self-Discovery Coaching™ methods, and assistance to help people shine in their own life! Many people search, search, and search daily for more happiness and do not find it. They do not realize the answers lie within themselves - today! Ms. Throne is a coach who can show people how to tap into their own personal power for more in LIFE!

In addition, she is a first-class coach who makes you number one when you are working with her.

Her Specialties Include:

** Law of Attraction Guru

** I will teach you to tap into your FearLess Self, and call it out when needed!

** Relationships - Dating 101 = Understand the difference between men and women, so your relationships soar! Also, Interpreting the opposite sex is one of my many specialties.

** Grief Recovery - The Grief Process

** Self-esteem Recovery

** Body image success - Obesity and Morbid Obesity - Change your relationship with food and find a leaner mindset. Ms. Throne has studied and researched obesity and morbid obesity since her first course in college (BS in Psychology) and continued through her Masters degree (Counseling Studies). Lastly, she has personal experience with both, so step up and make a decision for change today!

** Sober Coach - I can support and guide you to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle. I have been clean and sober since 1986 and counting....Successfully!

** Loving the single life

** The end of a relationship, and learn to love again

We must find what is stopping us from reaching our goals and get back on track. Ms. Throne has the stepping-stones for you to walk on, during this journey to healthier ground. In addition, she gives you vital homework for you to work on between sessions to save you time and money.