Jump Start Coaching Kit™

Professional Licensing Kit

Built by Merna Throne, M.S.

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The Jump Start Coaching Kit™ is a dynamic professional Coaching Kit to implement into your practice as a coach. This kit draws your clients in with a flat rate and a immense coaching 'jump start' on their individual goals. They see clearly what they are receiving for their money and time.

The progress of your clients hopes and goals is out of this world with a simple Jump Start Coaching Kit™. They will wish they would have started coaching with you before! Your clients enjoy seeing exactly what they are getting before they employ you with their hard-earned cash. Once they start this, they will love the interaction they have with their coach on a regular basis, and best yet within their budget.

In addition, this is customizable to each client, so you can utilize repeatedly. A great foundation to any new or seasoned coach. This kit is complete with everything you need as a professional coach. All you bring is your individual coaching style and personality! However, do not forget "You" are a key ingredient as well so each coach will make this kit different by bringing their uniqueness to this package.

This Kit includes:

** Blueprint of each 30-minute Jump Start sessions

** 14 Audio Muse for distribution

** Guidance for marketing and implementing

** 7 incredible eMail Boost templates

** A "Kick Off" WorkSheet that launches their Jump Start

** Complete instructions for promotion and pricing

** Licensing agreement to promote and use Jump Start Coaching Kit™ and logo

You will season your eMail boosts with your personality, clients goals, and coaching style too. Here are a couple samples of a Muse and a eMail boost template:

eMail Boost:

Subject line: Embrace who and where you are

One of the things I first discuss with a new client is their goals. Goals are important because they give all of us something to achieve, a new level to reach, an end to a journey of many soul-searching steps.

Before we begin working on your specific steps, it is important to reflect back and appreciate the path that has brought you to where you are today and the experiences that have helped to shape who you are as a person now in this very moment. All of the little moments in our lives; the happy and sad, the mistakes and the triumphs, all leave footprints in our minds and emotions. Sometimes, we can have experiences in life that do not make sense, or do not seem to cause anything good but confusion or pain, but we can move on, and learn from all of those things.

By embracing your current circumstance, and the strong person that you are in this moment, you can begin to build a new road from which the past is an anchor that grounds you, the present is a mirror that inspires you, and the future is the rocket that helps you soar.

"Who you are is a necessary step to being who you will be." -Emmanuel

A few other Boost topics:


** The importance of little things

** Exercising new muscles

** And more...

A few other Muse topics:

** Are you sinking your own Ship?

** Are you wearing your Ruby Slippers?

** Wise Words from Yoda!

** And more...

** Ms.Throne has distributed these with great reviews! In this package, it gives you licensing permission for distribution to your clients. There are many and sending the appropriate Muse to your client in this "Kit", can change the course of their week with this boost.

** This package pays for itself with one client! Then you will have the kit to use and personalize for every type of client for years to come.

** You can use the templates and audios, but use your own branding here… Your choice! This kit has GREAT skills packaged within!

*** We go GREEN ....To save you time, the environment, and money this is a full digital package of audios and eBook files.

Follow all on-screen instructions! 

This package is only $59 (It would take hours of my business coaching & tools to assist you with this program. Its all wrapped up in a easy kit for you! Valued at over $500)
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By purchasing you are agreeing that you are a professional coach.

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***We trust in your professional and personal integrity not to share this kit with unpaid persons.
 It is part of a professional licensing spectrum.

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