How Strong is the Lure of your Magnet?

by Merna Throne, M.S.

Originally written - Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Sunday!

We have another gorgeous autumn day here after our two days of winter. Indian summer is the best and the most peaceful to me. The colors of the leaves and the feel of the air are captivating and calming.

We are starting the month of Thanksgiving and this is an excellent time to do some self-reflection. During this time, we all can find the time to reflect on this year’s journey and the road you each travel. Everyone has a story to tell! Each of our lives are like a finger print with unique facets that no one can duplicate. However, I find it interesting that we have many common threads, but can be so different. The first workshop circuit Pocket of Pearls™ WorkShops that is growing rapidly in the US and springing up in other countries is helping people with their inner voice. These classes are designed to kick start a persons path to finding more in life and start loving today.

Our inner voice is our core of self. It is the center of everything in our lives. It is the voice of our self-esteem and self-worth. In the law of attraction, this is where the magnet lives, inside of you. Everyone has an inner voice and it is not always kind. To some people it can be demeaning and deflating daily. It is never perfect, but we can see it as a muscle we need to strengthen.

If your core or magnet is weak, we will attract more of the same in our life. If your magnet is strong, the prosperity will continue to stream into your life. Our internal voice and thoughts need attention to start changing our current situations and it can turn on a dime if you are willing to get down, dirty, and REAL about your life.

For example, if you are desperate to lose 10-20 pounds, but are white knuckling it with thoughts of food and a demeaning voice inside, you may make your goal, but for how long? How long can you continue to grit your teeth through a smile everyday?

Great questions huh? The day I made the decision to LOVE My body today (was overweight greatly then) was the day my roller-coaster dieting, and eating left my life for good.

What changed it? .....My inner voice......

Now, I am not perfect and still slip from time to time, but I am in tune with my core and know the path to change it when I see it taking a turn for the worse. For some people, MONEY is another struggle and the same science goes with this part of our lives. We have workshops designed specially for Body Image and Money Issues in our lives. (Coming Soon!)

Once we have a strong inner voice we must have a workout routine to keep it strong. This is where having a pocket journal with you daily, will keep your on your personal path and maintenance. In addition, attending a workshop and experience the group-coaching atmosphere will give you a healthy start, while learning more tools and keys to get you going.

You can start today working on you. Do not be afraid your soul is good, kind, and caring! We all just have some housecleaning to do. Your pocket journal and a workshop can give you a grand start to strengthen your core. Create a powerful positive magnet, so you will attract the life and loves of your dreams!

How strong is your core? I will leave you with that question and take a stroll around our website for many powerful tools to change it starting today.


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