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^*^* Alert! *^*^* This kit is for professionally trained Life Coaches and all niches. It is an "Add-on" to a practicing coaches business and skills. They are not meant to train anyone to be a Life Coach.

Keep this industry strong and invest in your training today!

(Life Coaching Training, Certification) Self-Discovery Coach™ Academy

HardCore Transformation™ is our most transformational coaching package to launch your client's "New Mindset and Success Road in Life"... We will take those excuses and create a powerful mindset that transforms your client's existing life into a thriving one.

I have been coaching professionally since 2004 and evolved successfully into building a Self-Discovery™ Academy with people around the world. However, I do keep a few here and there to keep my foot in the business first hand.

With that said, I am continuing to create successful Add-on coaching packages for the trained Life Coach to add to your business. This is Life Coach Continued Education, with unique branding your clients will love. Each kit has all my secrets wrapped up in packages to implement into your business for strong results. This kit is a spectacular package from marketing to results success for a client. It takes them through a self-discovery process without really understanding it and easy day by day tasks to complete. Once they come to the end, they are blown away with the success that have created and stoked for more.

This is a professional kit to implement into your existing coaching practice for HardCore Success! It is branded with the HardCore Transformation™ name throughout this course, but your coaching skills will heavily season this successful process.

This kit includes:

** A Full package containing hundreds of pages that are clear the day by day = weekly assignments with specific daily instructions for clients to dig into towards their ultimate goal.

** Licensed to use HardCore Transformation™ branding.

** 3 Inspirational HardCore Faxes/Texts to send and support your clients from all corners of the week.

** 5 Customized HardCore Brand eHelp™ assignments for this Program that are stellar personal block busting tools, so they can get out of their own way and LIVE more!

** Their Excuses do not work here... Merna Says! (Blame Me)

** A digital briefcase of printable 5 Customized HardCore Brand WorkSheets for this Program that keep your clients personally accountable and stay in real time.

** The weekly documents are written with my success secrets in mind

** Step-Up WorkSheet - Define what your soul desires and step-up to the plate with a coaching contract tied together.

++ This licensing deal gives you rein to brand yourself as a HardCore Transformation™ Coach, Logo, and package in your coaching practices.

** An arsenal of tools to assist you in becoming an incredible HardCore Transformation™ Coach and take your clients results to the ultimate level.

** HardCore Transformation Sample Page for your professional website.

This spectacular kit is the only package you need to assist your clients with numerous goals. It draws them in with a flat rate for 30 days at a time with 8 one on one coaching sessions to add in the mix.
(Add in your unique Coaching MoJo Style)

This kit gives the client a small assignment everyday that all works intrinsically towards their goal!

One investment of only $189 = $599 - $1299 per client for years to come.   


We take Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AM Ex, and PayPal.

*** We go GREEN ....To save you time, the environment, and money this is a full digital package of audios and eBook files. A portable thumb drive with this kit will be sent after 30 days of purchase date.

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