How Excuses Can Help Your Business

By Lisa Brooks


"Stop making excuses" is a phrase I often tell my children. All the complaining about not having time, being late, or tired goes in one ear and out the other and I say if you would just do what I ask, you'd already be finished by now.

Well, I'm suppose to be the adult and in my own business the excuses I come up with to procrastinate are just as valid right?

* I’m to busy now, it can wait till tomorrow.

* I’d like to do that to my website but I don’t know how.

* It’s a good idea, but I don’t know how to implement it right now.

* I don’t have enough money to try this.

While these excuses have a little bit of truth to them, they also have one crucial characteristic in common. They all have a fear factor that is holding me tied to their strings. Fears of change, trying something new, failure or success are all valid but can keep one standing still instead of moving forward.

Sometimes, our excuses are like hidden messengers that talk in code instead of plain words. Its our subconscious trying to tell us something is wrong with this idea but not being blunt enough to say out loud that it’s the fear talking not necessarily the plan or thought.

Excuses are easily overcome. Once analyzed in the mind or on paper, they are like turning on the light after a bad dream, not so scary after all. Even better, they provide great insights in to the core of what we really are afraid of.

Once you figure out what they are saying, the next step is figuring out how to eliminate them. As mentioned earlier, they do have some validity. So, if the crux of the excuse Is that there is no time, then make it a priority to schedule in some time to work on it. If the excuse is lack of funds is there a way you can save up for it, or find something equal for free? If its fear of rejection, then what empowering thing can you try next if its rejected.

Imagine for a minute that you could do exactly what you want without the excuses talking to you over your shoulder. What a relief that would be. What a triumphant feeling. Take those voices and thoughts you hear and make them work for you instead of against you.

Take your excuses and turn them in to powerful tools you can use to learn more about yourself and use the excuses to help your business grow and prosper.

                                                    Copyright © 2009 Lisa Brooks. All rights reserved.

This article was written by Lisa Brooks and Merna Throne. Self-Discovery Coaches™ can turn excuses into triumphs. For more help ferreting and analyzing your own excuses visit the eHelp Library.

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