The Exceptional Coaches Kit™

This is a package like no other in the coaching industry. In this kit, there are separate files of
powerful business tools that will help your business explode with activity.

 Tried and True methods I have learned in my career ranging from 2004-Present!

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Great for any online or
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The Exceptional Coaches Kit™ is a package containing all my secrets! I have been stunned at how many coach training's do not help their trainees with biz skills and how to fill their coaching practice. I have heard from so many coaches simply just stuck because they have no clue on how to find clients. (Our training offers a great jump start on this process with website work)

Here is your answer!

Do you want to take your coaching business to the ultimate level? I have packaged all my secrets to my coaching business and put it all together in this package to help you excel in this industry.

You can't find coaching clients if "they" can't find you! You need to blast your business out there on the web, to attract the people desiring your help. Helping people thrive will always be my undying purpose and passion. In addition, I do have a mind for business to create my dream of helping people THRIVE - WorldWide! This is crucial in business along with talent, gifts, and a strong passion.

In this kit, there are separate files of powerful business tools that will help your business explode with activity on a shoe-string budget.

I have packaged my secrets just for you. So go out there and truly make a difference in the world!

*** We go GREEN ....To save you time, the environment, and money this is a full digital package of audios and eBook files.You do have the option to pay a bit more for the digital kit on a thumb drive below.
***We trust in your professional and personal integrity not to share this kit with unpaid persons.
 It is part of a professional licensing spectrum.

This Package Includes:

  * Brushing your teeth

- Endless Promotional tools to use Regularly

- Website Tips and Tools

- How to build a daily D.O.P.E List that creates a powerful snowball effect of amazing results. (Dope as in a cool and calculated business move!)

* Extreme Exposure ToolBox

- Social Networking secrets Ms. Throne uses...& more....

- How to build a dynamite Blast List

                                                          - The ToolBox needed to explode with activity

     * Seamless Seminar Creator - Paid & *Free*

- Seamless Seminar Creator

- Conquer Virtual Stage Fright Fears...& more...

- How to Brand yourself a Leader!

                                                                      * Virtual Workshop Builder

                                                                                              - Seamless WorkShop Script Builder

                                                                                                  - Introductions and Interactions builder

                                                                                                     - Pricing without Fear...& more...

* Soooo much more in each file that is a powerful magnet to attract clients who desire a coach and create many items of income to your business...

This kit will help you take your coaching business to new levels! You can't afford NOT to implement this kit in your business. Once you have a successful checkout with PayPal you will be automatically be redirected to the download page. Watch for it! If you miss it, contact us and we will help you from there!

Only $79 - Thumb drive - digital kit by download & snail mailed 30 days after purchase


Only $49 - digital kit by download

Thank you for choosing our powerful Coaching Kits!

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