Enough is Enough

How 'Just Enough' Thinking Blocks the Law of Attraction

Have you ever thought: "Please, if I can just make enough money this month to get by,
or let my business grow just enough to get this goal accomplished?"

You believe in the law of attraction and things happen in such a way that your needs are met, but could it be that the enough mind set is blocking your full potential?

The premise of the law of attraction is that our needs will be met if we focus on attracting our goals by our thoughts and actions and like a magnet the results will follow. If we are stuck in the just enough mind set, then all you will attract is just enough.

I've often listened to conference calls or presentations by my favorite self-help and business gurus and they talk about their fancy houses or great vacations, my first thought is usually, well that is great for you, and I laugh thinking if only I could have a tenth of what they are talking about. I'm not greedy. I don't need fancy cars, extravagant vacations or millions.

I just want to pay for my children to go to a good school, fix the broken gate in my yard, and pay off my debt. In my more extravagant moments, I want to go to Disney World, buy a new car for once in my life, and pay off my debt. I'd be happy with my little piece of the pie, I don't need the whole pie plate. That one slice of the pie mentality is where I am stuck and it is all I will ever achieve unless I set my sights on something higher.

My first thought to overcome, is that wanting more does not mean I am greedy. If I let my thoughts go in to financial abandon thinking, I imagine great vacations with my family, paid off housing for my extended family and myself, and freedom to give like I've never been able to give before without the financial strings of wondering where the money will come from. Its not the abundance or lack of money that makes a person greedy and desiring more does not make me heartless and selfish. By being stuck in enough thinking, I am assigning attributes to money that stigmatizes my own desires and imprisons me in to the cell of status quo.

The next thought to work on is that I deserve my monetary desires. The millionaire guru started out just like me sitting at their computer, pondering ideas, wanting better for themselves and the lives of the people around them. If I truly believe in the law of attraction, then I have the right to stand on the same playing field as my heroes and I can not only learn from them, but be one of them. My thoughts and actions are just as worthy of rewards as theirs.

Take a minute to ponder your own money thoughts and consider if you have unknowingly been holding yourself back by the enough is enough concept. It is possible to change this static mind set in to one of growth and more abundance than you can even imagine in living out your own personal laws of attraction.

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