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A quick 4 minute video titled,

"What in the World does a Life coach actually do?"

By Merna Throne, M.S.

We Welcome you to our coach certification academy - online! We have many 7-week Power Classes to help you grow as a coach, but begin working after level I !! You can begin earning revenue towards your future tuition's.

Take a stroll around and do not be afraid to ask us questions by Live Chat or eMail. I promise we will receive your note on this end and will respond within 23 hours.

We have individuals from all walks of business strengthen their skills professionally from these courses.

Level I - 4.0 - Start Today!

Video on Demand - purchase by the weekly topic!

This level is the beginning in training, but powerful beyond measure in knowledge, skills, and methods needed for a life changing coach. We have upgraded our class to include dynamic video presentations that will keep you excited through each week! Remember you can start your own coaching practice after Level I is complete and you are certified! Perfect for the beginner, multi-level marketing, team leaders, managers, supervisors, and more.

  Level II - Master

**Continued Education for the Practicing Coach

This Master Level will take your existing coaching business and open a door to more clients, earnings, knowledge, and niche to new heights. Great class for physical therapists, social workers, coaches, mentors, people who work with people. Deepen your knowledge of the human psyche on a coaching level.

This course is a class that is on *Your Time* and built to do at your own pace. Week by week you will be interacting in our online classroom with other students and our instructor(s). Our online classroom is completely Optional and many choose to self-study. 

    Level III

**Continued Education for the Practicing Coach

This level is the springboard into deeper self-discovery coaching. You will continue to work with models learned in Levels I & II - and then expand on them so that you ultimately go beyond the models and learn to focus more on the self-discovery coaching relationship. This class is built on the same 7-week Power Class model (complete self-study if you choose).

   Level IV - Executive Specialized Niche's
Coming soon

Here is an exciting up and coming set of Power Niche  Courses to excel your work and fine tune your specialties. These classes are built on the same 7-week Power Class model 
(complete self-study if you choose).


"Assertive, disciplined, skilled, creative, Merna Throne is a driven coach who is passionate in helping others to overcome obstacles and unlock their inner potential. Working with Merna has sharpened me, not just as an artist, but as a human being."

- Thunderbear, Singer/Songwriter

 "I find Merna to be very reliable and dedicated to her craft and I hope that this recommendation will only inspire you to consider her for this prestigious honor that she is seeking.”

Dr. T. Byrd Professor of Psychology

I’ve watched Merna’s knowledge about human psychology grow, develop and become thoroughly refined through her determination and resolve to complete every requirement and then some.  I’m certain anyone who works with her will find that she’ll exceed their expectations.”

C. Baumgartner, Relationship Coach since 2006.

·   Merna is organized, a team builder, efficient, extremely competent, and has an empathetic rapport with people of all ages and backgrounds. Her communication skills, both written and oral make her clients, colleagues, and friends feel welcome and accepted.”

L. Brooks, LifeStyle Coach since 2005

·   “I have had the pleasure of studying under Merna for the last 2 years. Her methods of teaching are thorough and easy to understand. She has a way of explaining the concept of a lesson in real world examples, making comprehension and retention of the subject much easier. She is passionate about the subjects she teaches and brings a wealth of knowledge to the student.”

A.K., student at The Self-Discovery Coach™ Academy

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