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➥ Client Feedback

➥ Client Feedback from our Readers, Workshop participants, and Ms. Throne's coaching clients:

"For anyone seeking inspiration, Pocket of and coaching is a must. Merna Throne is friendly, encouraging, super-smart, and knowledgeable in her craft. She is devoted to her clients, savvy, and passionate, enthusiastic, and passionate, and all these wonderful qualities are highly contagious!"

Dr. E’s Doll Museum - Biz Coach Client


"Thank you Merna, I was able to put my thoughts together and setup my first small program with your help. We should both be part of your program in the second halve of 2011. Your program is not a want to but a "Must Have" Thanks again"

Philip & Jacqui Viljoen - Classroom Instructors in South Africa


"Personal Coaching at its best with Merna Throne Considered

RIGHT ON Merna! Keep up the great work in cleaning up the sector. My thinking is that "coaching" has become so popular that many folks just bought some business cards, and put up a website because they were unemployed and became instant coaches, without giving it their all, like you do. So, keep up the good work and thanks for being in the top 5% and by all means duplicate yourself and show the other coaches out there how to do it right!"

Lance Winslow - Expert Writer for the Life Coach Industry


I joined your Rock my World!™ Self-Coaching Kit ecourse yesterday. I have been busy on your site and sending questions and yesterday I just knew I had to make the choice now! I can continue not loving myself, carrying guilt backpacks that are totally cripple me in health, wealth and friendships or I can start dumping somewhere - thanks for letting me in, taking my hand and where I don't want to through out old rubbish you are there for me to help me doing so. Your patience will be tested, but I am sure you will manage, that is why I put my "life" in your hands.

J.V.- South Africa


"Love the workbooks! Thanks Merna"

- MC


"It has been a while sinse I've spoken to Merna, it has become very clear in my own mind through contrasting views and intuitive observations of many other advisers & coaches- Merna is a very heart felt woman who gives me the strong sense that she is with me as I get on my rants of personal dis- satisfaction... I get a strong sense she is a very caring and loving woman based on how she gets truly involved in some of my on going struggles I vent about... I'm glad I called Merna today so I could get close to that sense of being cared about by her... ."



"I am so thankful for your materials- I recently completed some training and my coach (outside of your work) wanted me to dig deep- without your materials- not sure all the searching in a lifetime could have helped me as much as your thought provoking materials did."

- AC


"We at MWC were fortunate to host a workshop this past month that was facilitated by Ms. Throne on how to use her pocket guide, Pocket of Pearls: A 30-day pocket workbook to start hearing a softer voice inside of you!. It offers a pragmatic approach to using writing as an avenue to finding a softer, gentler inner voice. The workshop has led to others at our center using this long known, yet emerging genre of writing as healing." (Pocket of Pearls Workbook, Click on 'WorkBooks' tab)

-The Midwest Writing Center


"I absolutely loved this little journal book that encourages you to think about how you talk to yourself. We don't really stop and listen to ourselves and this book helps you do that and then put into practice some tips on how to love yourself better. " (Pocket of Pearls Workbook, Click on 'WorkBooks' tab)

- Tracy Colby, IA


"By the way, I Love reading all your posts on FaceBook. I think you are awesome! "

- E. CA


"I was excited to start working with a coach and nervous as the same time. Merna put me at ease right away with her calming, yet assuring voice and personal wisdom. I have always had trust issues, but I truly trust her with my past. We are working through some tough stuff, but I feel confident for the first time things can get better."

-A.M., Michigan


"After working in a toxic corporate environment for many years, I remained affected even after I had left the company. The Pocket of Pearls “Clemency Exercise” was my passage to freedom of letting go of many feelings and toxic baggage that I could not work through on my own. After a brief conversation with Merna, I completed the exercise and used the Recall, Revisit, Research to lead to Rejoice, which I was finally able to do. I never dreamed I would be able to let go of these issues that had continued to plague and block my future direction and next life chapter.

Thank you Pocket of Pearls for showing me the way to a new direction! I am extremely grateful for these exercises and always return to visit the site for continued support and inspiration. Truly wonderful…"

-Rose, Illinois


"Once I sat down to read my book I was not sure what to expect. Merna's personal journey touched me and at the same time encouraged me to work on me. I was a little nervous because I want to be kinder to me and often I may not be. I think this common, but it is nice to hear I am not alone.

This journal has helped me get started being kinder to me! I look forward to continuing. " (Pocket of Pearls Workbook, Click on 'Book Menu' tab)



"I wanted to thank you for having such a profound impact on my life. When we talk, I feel really heard, validated, and motivated. Your compassion and kindness come through in our conversations and in the home work you assign me. Thanks to your guidance, I have learned to be more kind to myself and you have helped me to uncover hidden road blocks I didn't realize I had put in my own path.

I am learning how to live my dreams one step at a time, in a way that is practical, empowering, and the right pace for me. I now feel like a person who is really living for the first time, a person who can make her own dreams come true, not just watch others succeed and wonder why not me? The things I have learned in working with you, will continue to benefit and motivate me, I have no doubt, for years to come."



"I bought the forgiveness exercise {I think it's Clemency something} in the last month. I wanted to write to you to tell you how much better I do feel. It was hard, but you gave me support with this assignment too. I have seen so many exercises that are suppose to help me, but they don't. I continue to work this assignment, and can see how I could use it over and over, like you said. Wow, just wow! Thank you so much for this exercise to help me finally put my past to rest. I want to find peace! I plan on checking out your workshops in the near future too."

Rita - NV


"I attended the pocket of pearls workshop last month and it was just the kick start I needed to keeping myself on a path of positive self discovery. I have tons of books on law of attraction, self-help positive thinking, and others to numerous to count and although these have helped me, they never seem to stick after the feelings of positivity wear off in about a week or to.

Then I revert back to self doubt, and start to struggle again with feeling negative and finding the balance in my life again. But with the journal, its like looking in an inner mirror daily and discovering the true person that is me. I have been able to pinpoint where I struggle and where doubt kicks in and focus on making my thoughts match where I want to be directing my goals in my life. It was the most practical, real to life, and fun workshop I have attended and the benefits of self discovery have stuck with me longer than the other things I have tried. I now have a way of gauging my own inner temperature and the means of making a difference in my self when its needed. Thanks!!"

Lisa from Arizona


"The ehelp homework I bought was truly an eye opener for me! I bought the sadness one and was shocked how long I have been sad and carrying this pain with me. Sadness isn't just about death or a relationship ending and this ebook really opened my eyes. It's instructions are something I will take with me for life!"

Amy V. - TX


"You--Merna-- are a wonderful, gifted, caring Coach who inspires others to discover & do all that they aspire to do along their life journey."



"I just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to change in my life. After struggling for so long I am so glad to start working with a coach. I am doing this for me and no one else! You are great Merna! I know I have only been working with you only a few sessions, but I am feeling better already. The eHelp ebook you assigned me is wonderful too and I can see how I will use it forever. I am tired of being so hard on myself and wish to have peace. I have been afraid to start coaching and now I wish I would have started sooner. Thank you again!"



~ As a person who doesn't like to ask for help, the virtual workshop gave me the power to swallow my pride and ask for help. You [Merna]taught me that asking for help is not a weakness, it shows strength and courage.

Kari - Iowa


*A book written for women, but for everyone!

*Easy to follow and remember

*Even if you don't follow it daily it’s a great pick me upon bad days

*Gives you the strength to be a better person all around, not just to yourself- removes negativity from your life.

Korin - Iowa


The testimonial was heartfelt and true to life. It was a very easy to associate with all the examples. The entire book is upbeat and POSITIVE!

After the first week, this book is clearly a positive reinforcement for any woman's self-image. It is a true guide to achieving that self-image via positive self- reinforcement.

This is a wonderful workbook! Also quick, easy to read and makes you think about how you treat yourself.

Sharon ... Florida


The minute I began to read it I knew I was beginning a whole new journey, and it started with day 1. I had to laugh. You asked me to list 3 phrases I said to myself today and why. The example you gave was exactly the thought I had a 1/2 hour earlier.

Pocket of Pearls is journaling - with a specific purpose, to recognize how I treat myself. In addition, to modify that behavior and to restore my hope, faith & belief in Me! The difference is that now I am seeing how many things I've done each day that I like instead of mulling over a never ending list of things I did wrong or had no control over.

My strand of pearls is getting polished each day and they are more beautiful than ever!


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