Are you "Good" Enough to be a Life Coach?

Saturday, March 19, 2011


This question may seem startling to ask by a few people, but my thoughts are Why? When a person with a bit of self-esteem issues asks themselves this question when they are  considering taking a Life Coach training course. In addition, they are not usually this nice to themselves when they say this.

Soo, do you want the truth? If you have followed me long enough, you know I do not pull any punches and I LOVE to live in reality. Yes, the truth is that this industry attracts people who desire to be a coach and NEED one first. In my academy we highly recommend it and most often, won't allow someone in until they have done so or taken the 30-day challenge in Rock my World!™ self-coaching kit, FIRST. I wrote this to take you through a powerful month of self-discovery with an assignment daily for 30 days that all work intrinsically towards a goal, even if this goal is simply a strong self-esteem.


Rock my World!™

When it comes to our self-esteem, life isn't over! It won't take years of a mental ward to find a stronger self esteem and a healthier life on many levels. Life can turn on a dime when you start today! Life isn't over and it won't take decades to increase your self-worth.

So, here is more of THE TRUTH! The truth is when people who have gone through rough times in their life including a low self-esteem they make the BEST coaches in our academy. I built this program with integrity, strength, Strong knowledge base, and business ethics. Keep the Life Coach Industry strong and INVEST in your training. Sadly, there are too many coaches who haven't had any training, working with someone's self-esteem, and this is frightening.

I built the Self-Discovery Coach™ Academy (Levels I, II, III) from my BS in Psychology, MS in Counseling Studies, MS in Psychology,  Coaching Experience since 2004, Life experience of many rough levels, and studying/living personal self-discovery since 1986. I took all of this and built a stellar coach training academy.

Self-Discovery Coach™ Academy

We are here with any questions you may have and look forward to meeting you in our online classroom. Don't worry if you are not "Perfect" as none of us will NEVER be. God knows I have been there too with self-esteem issues, many times! We are all a work in progress, PLUS I have built some personal work into this academy, while you are studying to be a coach so your self-esteem will increase through these courses.

So when you are ready to help make a difference in the world, be sure to care for self first! You deserve it. Then apply to our course and you will Love, Love our online classroom. As always if you have any questions at all, please email us through our website.

Hope & Peace,

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"Personal Coaching at its best with Merna Throne Considered...RIGHT ON Merna! Keep up the great work in cleaning up the sector. My thinking is that "coaching" has become so popular that many folks just bought some business cards, and put up a website because they were unemployed and became instant coaches, without giving it their all, like you do. So, keep up the good work and thanks for being in the top 5% and by all means duplicate yourself and show the other coaches out there how to do it right!"

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