Are you Excited about your

Mistakes in Life?

by Merna Throne, M.S.

If not, why not? Perception is an intriguing topic when it comes to our views on any given topic. One person's perception of mistakes can be gloom, doom, and the end of the world. Another person might view the same mistake as a learning opportunity and growth. 

How do you view your mistakes?

Are they an open door of growth?

Or are they the end of the world? 

Your answer will steer you down the path you choose. Yes, you heard me right - choose. When we have made a mistake in life it will stir up emotions attached to the topic or our self-worth. Our emotions will try to rescue ourselves from feeling this mistake. However, they will also stop you from learning from it. Awareness and self-honesty is key, not excuses.

Life is to be lived, loved, and prosper daily. If we shut ourselves off from learning opportunities, we stay stuck inside our own pool of resentment and fear. We have all met this type of person who is swimming in fear and stays stuck in life. Which in turn adds to the suitcase full of resentment they are already carrying. This gives me a mirror of what I don't want, while hoping they find peace for themselves. I feel bad for them being stuck in their own heart and mind.

We all make mistakes everyday, this is reality. Also, you will make them again. How you react to the mistake is a lesson to learn so you can continue to grow in life. If you choose defensiveness, you will stay stuck in your own world of being right. In return you will lose out on an opportunity to GROW! 

When we stop growing, we start dying on this planet. Life doesn't end until the end is physically here. 

What are your goals in life? 

Do you think you are open enough to grow from your mistakes? 

Trust me, it is hard at first to not take them personally, but it does get easier. There are many things you can do with your inner voice work that will help you with this topic. 

My challenge for you today is take one mistake you made today and own it, find a lesson to learn, and see where that open door will take you.

Hope & Peace, 

                                         Copyright © 2010 Merna Throne. All rights reserved.

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