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Here at we call it a “Finders Fee” and give you 10% of a fully paid tuition to our Self-Discovery Coach™ Academy - Levels I, II, III & IV per level.

For Public referrals: Rules apply the same way!

For Students: When you graduate I include a few business cards to hand out with you placing your name on the back of them too. I have a spot to ask ‘How did you hear about us” when they sign the digital contract too. Also, during phone consultations, I try to ask if they didn’t offer it up either. I do my best to find out if someone has a commission coming or which of our advertising dollars are working best. If you wish to
send us an eMail for a heads up with a name, please do so!

Feel free to place a link to our Academy page and write something like “Tell them Jane Smith sent you” or the name of your business/website. You receive the 10% commission once their 30 day guarantee runs out and tuition is paid in full. (both needs to happen)


For instance, Each Power Class Level is $848 @ 10% = $85 .

** Send us 5 people for Level I who take our training = $425...  Not bad pocket money for telling them how much you love this Academy!

If you have any more questions send them our way!

Email us here or Live chat (when available)!

** You do not earn commissions on your own tuition.